Spitfire in 2015

No blog is complete without some cats!  6 cats currently with with my wife and I.  Spitfire here is the eldest.

He was born on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi in 2005, about a month after Hurricane Katrina.  The hurricane turned an already bad place to be a mixed-breed animal into a total nightmare for the animals down there, and the shelters were overwhelmed.  A friend of a friend was doing animal rescue work, and one day that December we got an email saying that a van would be driving north and now was the time to adopt.  We had two other cats at the time, and decided to take two kittens.  He had a 3-day drive north in a crate van with around 60 other animals, about 2/3 of them cats and the rest dogs.




Spitfire as a kitten, hamming it up for the camera!

He is exhibit A on how terrible I used to be at naming animals.  During his first couple of weeks with us he was super-feisty and wouldn’t hold still, hence his name.  Then he got a bit older and calmed way down.  Spitfire is a sweet, good-natured boy who wants nothing more than to curl up on a lap or somewhere else warm.

Spitfire is the only male cat (fixed, of course) in our tribe.  He tends to stand aloof from the jockeying for position and rank that the other five constantly exhibit.


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