Successful Berklee Alumni #1: Casey Kidd

First in a biweekly series of interviews with Berklee graduates who have successful careers not involving music.

Casey Kidd


Casey Kidd Professional Photo


Listen to the interview (approx. 26 minutes) or download it.



Graduated in 2012 with a major in CWP (Contemporary Writing & Production).

PositionData Analyst at The Retail Coach.  Casey uses statistics to predict which business will succeed in a given municipality.

Update August 2016 (1 year after the interview):  Casey left his job at The Retail Coach to start his own company in the same field, NaviRetail.

Overview:  Casey enjoyed computers both before and during Berklee.  He got particularly good experience while in a work-study job at Berklee (laying out Fusion Magazine), learning software that helped him get a position at his company soon after graduating.  He did not know anyone at this relatively small company near where he was living, but saw their newspaper ad, applied, and got the job.

You can see his LinkedIn profile here.

Choice quote:  “Too many people (graduates from both Berklee and other colleges) have no idea how a business works.  Everyone at Berklee should have to take a couple of business classes.”


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Casey rocking the piano in an ensemble performance while at Berklee.


casey Kidd Flying 1


Casey Kidd Flying 2While he still composes music in his free time, Casey also likes to pilot small aircraft!


I have been interviewing Berklee graduates who have successful careers NOT involving music.  Interviews will be posted biweekly.
People interviewed are all Berklee graduates who enjoy their field, expect to be in it for at least a few more years, and earn at least $45,000/year.
Conversations typically last 45 minutes, with a lot of plus-or-minus.  They start with the graduates detailing what they do, then we follow their trajectory of their career—specifically, how they got both their current job and the jobs leading up to that.  Finally, we discuss their thoughts on their Berklee education vis a vis their career.
Hopefully these interviews will be a source of inspiration for Berklee students and graduates who are still finding their way.

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