Another semester complete; tightening up the “15/40 Rule”

Finished up another semester.  First time in quite some time…ever?…that I taught a full semester and didn’t fail a single student.  Not sure how I feel about that.

People fretted way too much about the 15/40 Rule.  Ironically, it only affected a handful of people, and the ones who were affected only lost a point or two.  So I’m going to tighten it up:  it’ll heretofore be known as The 10/30 Rule.

Overall, it was a fun semester.  One thing to note:  my 3 Economics sections were 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 Music Business majors (who are required to take the class).  The best section–they asked the most questions, got the most into it, and performed the best–was the one which was 1/2 Music Business majors.  Which pretty much serves as confirmation that the % Music Business majors has nothing to do with how good a class is.

I’ll also declare success on eliminating the Economics midterm.  It made timing less awkward, feed up 2 hours of class time, and allowed for larger, more challenging take-home quizzes during the semester.

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