Other Successful Berklee Grads – Indices & Criteria

By Professional Field (& Top Post-Berklee Degree)


If exploring a career, I strongly recommend that you glance at all interviews in a professional field that interests you, as people in the same field can have very different jobs.  For example, among the marketing people, one is a one-person operation at a start up that sells computer services to businesses, another works for a craft brewery and has one assistant, while a third is at a large advertising firm and has an extremely specialized job.


Business Entrepreneur (tech/photography):  Ben Maitland-Lewis


Data & Research:

Education & Training:

Engineering (Mechanical):  Owen Davies (M)

Fashion (Entrepreneur) :  Sarah Demarco



Human Services Non-Profit Admin.:


Marketing & Sales:

Medicine and Therapy:

(Print/Web) Publishing (Admin / Product Development):  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson

Real Estate

Religion (Youth Pastor & Admin. Asst.):  Jonathan Lotson (M)




M = Masters Degree (but not an MBA).

B = Bachelors Degree
AA = Associates Degree.

* Jordan’s and Andy’s JD degrees are irrelevant to their careers and in no way should be considered prerequisites for their fields.


By Year of Graduation (and Major)

2016:  John Lahr (MB)

2015:  Cam Bjork (EPD), Jessica Prouty (MB), Cambria Russell-Herrera (f. Russell) (MB), Sarah Inoue Virk (MB)

2014:  Kyle Billings (MB),  Leah Hinton (MB), India Thomson (MB)

2013:  Jonas Bergmann-Bjornsson (Film), Troy Church (MB), Prayre Finley (MB), Adam Kirschner (MB), Alexia Layne-Lomon (Pro.), Chelsea McKinney (MP&E), Max Pohl (MB), Jared Winegrad (MB), Shawn Young-Eagle (MB)

2012:  Mark Bruning (CWP), Dawn-Marie Dunn (EPD + Pro.), Casey Kidd (CWP), Jonathan Lotson (Pro.), Jeremy Moccia (MB + Song.)

2011:  Eric DeVaughn (Perf.), Ryan Driscoll (MB), Kayla Lee (MB), Gabriella  Mastrangelo (formerly Howard) (MB), Jonathan Schwarz (CWP)

2010:  Ama Atobrah (EPD), Chloe Bean (CWP), Michael Benson (MB) Matt Clear (MP&E), Michael Hazani (Song.), Omid Majdi (MP&E), Will Stettler (Pro), Dan Thompson (MB), Brittany Vendryes (MB)

2009:  Katie Amaral (MB + EPD), Will Cady (Pro), Claudia Caliano-Rida (f. Caliano) (MB), Sarah Demarco (MB), Jack Goodall (MB), Doug Guttenberg (MB), Jeff Holden (Pro), Nick Potvin (Film) Mark Schafer (MB)

2008:  Matt Boyle (Pro), Owen Davies (MP&E), Bob DeVaughn (MB), Anna Eliopoulos (MP&E + Perf), Loren Khulusi (MP&E), Stephanie Olmanni (EPD + Film) Priya Prins (MP&E), Jesse Reese (MB), Charlie Shaughnessy (MB + Perf.), Santiago Sinisterra (MP&E), Clay Southworth (MB), Michael Wright (MB)

2007:  Patrick Brusil (MB),  Mark Dudek (Perf), Christmas Eger (MB), Ryan Heenan (MB), King Yan Kwok (MTh), Phil Lee (MB), John Sauer (J. Comp.), Debra Gail White (MB)

2006:  Tom BoatesScott Brown (MB), Jordan Cusner (MB), Eric Hutchinson (Pro). Ben Maitland-Lewis (MB), Dr. Jenny Martin (Song.),  Glenn Romero (MB), J. Russell (MP&E),  Tyler Witkin (Pro.), Andy Zhang (MB)

2005:  Adam Baliban (MB), Kyle Batter (Comp. + Film), Charlotte Moore (MB + MP&E)

1999:  Dr. Dana Robertson (Perf.)



Also see the following indices:

Special Categories  (second jobs, entrepreneurs, managers, information technology)

Music-Business-Majors Only.

Non-MB Majors Only.



Everyone interviewed met the following criteria:

  1. Graduated from Berklee College of Music, and Berklee was their first Bachelors degree.
  2. On track to earn at least $45,000/year (or the equivalent in foreign currency).
  3. Income is mainly through a non-music job which they enjoy.  They expect to be working in their field for years to come.

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