Indices – Special Categories

Special Categories

In order:

  • Second Jobs
  • Entrepreneurs (current)
  • Entrepreneurs (former)
  • Managers
  • Information Technology workers


Second Jobs (These people have second jobs which are unrelated to music.):


Entrepreneurs, current:

  • Tom Boates (App Creator).  Not his main job.
  • Sarah Demarco (Fashion)
  • Ryan Heenan (Marketing Video Production)
  • Casey Kidd (Data Analysis) Casey started his company the year after his interview.
  • Dr. Jenny Martin (Psychotherapy) (PsyD).  Jenny started her own independent practice shortly after the interview.
  • Ben Maitland-Lewis (High Tech/Photography).  Ben has started multiple companies over the years.  His current one has around seven employees, with plans to double in size in 2017.
  • Glenn Romero (Marketing Video Production)
  • Clay Southworth (Property Management)
  • Michael Wright (Music School)  Not his main job.

Entrepreneurs, former (People who started their own business but ultimately gave it up.):


Managers  (Non-Entrepreneurs who directly supervise others.):


Information Technology (Workers in the IT sector).


M = Masters Degree (but not an MBA).

* Andy’s JD degree is irrelevant to his career and in no way should it be considered a prerequisite for this field.



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