Parti and her sister/littermate Rae joined the Block-Schwenk Collective in December 2013.  Unlike our other cats, they were adopted locally through a small no-kill cat rescue group called Whiskers of Hope, which we connnected with via Petfinder, an excellent site used to connect people with animals who need homes.  Also unlike our other cats, we got them as slightly older kittens, a bit over 5 months old rather than 8-11 weeks.

Parti is very much a “gamma”  Unlike other cats we have adopted, including her sister, she hid from me for a couple of months, and still spooks easily–when she’s not demanding attention!  She’s still sensitive, but has become generally happy and very talkative!   Parti particularly loves playing with a laser pointer’s red dot, and also plays with the young one, Sonnet (our sixth cat, who will be featured in the next cat post).

Parti also is very photogenic, especially on Halloween!

Parti with her favorite human.

Parti with her favorite person.

While Rae is all black, Parti has a small white patch on her upper chest.  (You can see it in the above photo, though with her head turned it looks like it’s on her side.)  I often say to Rae and Parti “Which one are you?” and they know to lift their heads so I can look to see if they have a white spot.

At night, Parti often sleeps up pressed up against my back, but she’ll usually leave if I ever turn around.

Parti first day close up

Parti the day she arrived.  The poor thing is very scared.  She’s since come to learn that the worst thing I do to her is brush her teeth daily.  (She’ll still hide her face in the crook of my arm for a few moments in protest.)  Though in her presence Deb and I jokingly refer to me as “Big, Scary Daddy.”



Parti and Rae

Parti (left) and her sister Rae remain close.  They’re not particularly cuddly with each other, but are more like “partners in crime,” often doing things together.  In this case, the sisters are scouring neighboring buildings for birds!

By the way, Parti’s name comes not from “party,” but from “particle.”  Getting black cats, we wanted to name them after forms of light.  Which should have been “wave” and “particle,” but Rae’s shelter name was “Rachel” so we figured “ray” and “particle” was close enough.





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