No blog is complete without some cats!  6 cats currently with with my wife and I.  Zephyr here ties for second-oldest.

Zephyr and her sister Hurricane (featured in the next cat post) were born in coastal Mississippi in the spring of 2007.  The same person who had rescued Spitfire (and many others) from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continued to do rescue work.  Zephyr and her sister traveled in the (pressurized) cargo hold of a plane to Boston.

Zephyr August 07Zephyr was always a very serious kitten:  you really could tell that her “playing” was practicing hunting!  She got bored with most toys, preferring the live target of her sister.  She also liked to climb.



Zephyr claimed alpha cat status by the time she was 3 years old, and would’ve done so sooner had she not been slightly too ambitious while a teenager and been put in her place.  She continues to be serious, patrols the house, and gets furious when she spots an unknown cat on the deck.


Zephyr on her table.



Zephyr also claims the living room table as hers.  She gets annoyed when guests use it, and takes it as a particular insult if they pet her when she jumps up there to intimidate them away from her territory.






On the lighter side, Zephyr enjoys being admired (but usually not picked up), and getting her back rubbed.  She’s also good friends with Spitfire.


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